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  • 1.Electrical
    Cable tray, ladder assembly, bracket, insulation ladder, transformer isolation pad, rods, etc., motor slot wedge, lighting accessories, lamppost, antenna mast, charged maintenance overhead line car boom, railway covers, coil insulation pad, electricity - radio tower, fiber optic cable core material
  • 2.Building, civil building materials
    Shed, poles, window frame, greenhouse frame, roof decoration materials, Bridges with artifacts, gas station sunshade rainproof with ceiling, stair handrail, tunnel ventilation window, House compartment wall panel, pedestrian bridge, concrete formwork, scaffold, direction, covering sound wall, prevent avalanches gate
  • 3.Land transport vehicles
    Refrigerator car component, truck structure, bus side panels, trailer floor, bus exhaust pipe, luggage racks, seat, Road facilities road signs, sound insulation panel on both sides of highway
  • 4.Anti-corrosion equipment
    Chemical equipment, water treatment equipment, Brewing equipment, cheese and other parts (including the platform, the channel, stair, airport and rail), Water treatment plant cover plate, corrosion resistant storage tank protection frame, washer combination components, aquarium check corridor, cooling tower scaffold, sucker rod, offshore oil equipment platform
  • 5.Sports& entertainment
    Bow and arrow, fishing rod, tent pole, operating lever in sailing, surfboard component, sailboat tension component, skis, Combined pool wall panels, snow boat, balance rod, golf shaft
  • 6.cultural goods, daily necessities
    Flag poles, bed structures, tool handles, lamppost, railing, handrails, stairs, grating, decoration materials, structural materials, goods shelf
  • 7.Agricultural supplies
    Stalls, birdhouse with fence gate, greenhouse framework, support components, frost prevention network support, rattan tent, sink in irrigation